2018 Ivychurch Parish Council Minutes & Agendas

Ivychurch Parish Council generally meets at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of the month in Ivychurch Village Hall, Ivychurch Road, Ivychurch, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 0AL  (See a Location Map)  Members of the Public are very welcome to attend, please contact the Parish Clerk (Contact Us) with any items you wish to raise at least 7 days before the meeting.

The documents listed below all open in PDF format in a new window. Copies of the Minutes of recent meetings are posted on the Village Hall noticeboard.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
2018 Minutes and Agendas
18th January 2018   Notice-of-Meeting-2018_01_18.pdf (218 downloads)   Draft-Minutes-2018-01-18-v1.pdf (215 downloads)
15th February 2018   Notice-of-Meeting-2018_02_15.pdf (205 downloads)   Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-02-15.pdf (146 downloads)
15th March 2018 – Annual & Parish Meeting   Notice-of-Meeting-2018_03_15.pdf (155 downloads) Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-03-15.pdf (158 downloads) Annual-Parish-Meeting-15th-March-2018-v2-1.pdf (149 downloads)
19th April 2018   Notice-of-Meeting-2018_04_19.pdf (166 downloads)   Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-04-19.pdf (149 downloads)
17th May 2018   Notice-of-Meeting-2018_05_17.pdf (172 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2018-05-17-v1.pdf (155 downloads)
14th June 2018 Notice-of-Meeting-2018_06_14.pdf (143 downloads) Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-06-14-2.pdf (138 downloads)
19th July 2018 Notice-of-Meeting-2018_07_19.pdf (138 downloads) Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-07-19.pdf (125 downloads)
16th August 2018 – Not held  –
13th September 2018 Notice-of-Meeting-2018_09_13.pdf (136 downloads) Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-09-13.pdf (115 downloads)
18th October 2018 Notice-of-Meeting-2018_10_18.pdf (131 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2018-10-18-v3.pdf (122 downloads)
15th November 2018 Notice-of-Meeting-2018_11_15.pdf (120 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2018-11-15-v1.pdf (117 downloads)
20th December 2018 – No meeting