2020 Ivychurch Parish Council Minutes & Agendas

**May 2020 Coronavirus Update** Note Ivychurch Parish Council will now meet online using Zoom. Please download the meeting agenda for joining instructions.

Ivychurch Parish Council generally meets at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of the month in Ivychurch Village Hall, Ivychurch Road, Ivychurch, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 0AL  (See a Location Map)  Members of the Public are very welcome to attend, please contact the Parish Clerk (Contact Us) with any items you wish to raise at least 7 days before the meeting.

The documents listed below all open in PDF format in a new window. Copies of the Minutes of recent meetings are posted on the Village Hall noticeboard.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
2020 Minutes and Agendas
16th January 2020 Notice-of-Meeting-2020-01-16.pdf (52 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2020-01-16-v1.pdf (38 downloads) ————————–
Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2020-01-16.pdf (34 downloads)
20th February 2020 Notice-of-Meeting-2020-02-20.pdf (30 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2020-02-20-v1.pdf (21 downloads)
Annual Parish Meeting
10am Saturday 7th March
Notice-of-Annual-Meeting-2020_03_07.pdf (26 downloads)
19th March 2020 – Not held  n/a  n/a
16th April 2020 – Not held  n/a  n/a
21st May 2020: Virtual meeting, See Agenda for Joining instructions.  Notice-of-Meeting-2020-05-21-v2.pdf (21 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2020-05-21-v1.pdf (19 downloads) ————————–
Ivychurch-Parish-Council-Minutes-2020-05-21.pdf (12 downloads)
18th June 2020: Virtual meeting, See Agenda for Joining instructions.  Notice-of-Meeting-2020-06-18.pdf (25 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2020-06-18-v2.pdf (19 downloads)
2nd July 2020 – Extraordinary Meeting:
Risk Assessment
Minutes-of-Risk-Assessment-meeting-2nd-July-2020-v2.pdf (18 downloads)
16th July 2020. Virtual meeting, See Agenda for Joining instructions.  Notice-of-Meeting-2020-07-16.pdf (18 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2020-07-16-v2.pdf (10 downloads)
20th August 2020. Virtual meeting, See Agenda for Joining instructions.  Notice-of-Meeting-2020-08-20-2.pdf (6 downloads) Draft-Minutes-2020-08-20-v2.pdf (5 downloads)
17th September 2020 Notice-of-Meeting-2020-09-17-via-Zoom.pdf (1 download)
15th October 2020
19th November 2020
17th December 2020 – Provisional TBC.